Yoga for Beginners 1 + 2 with Yoga Journal

Start a healthy new yoga habit today! From increased calm and self-esteem to pain management and greater flexibility, yoga has the power to change your life for the better. But with so many yoga offerings available these days, knowing where to begin can feel overwhelming. That’s where Yoga Journal’s two-part Yoga for Beginners online course can help. We’ve broken down this complex science and art into simple steps for getting started in a way that demystifies yoga philosophy and is both enjoyable and physically safe. You’ll learn the basics of asana, breathwork, and meditation, and have the opportunity to explore different styles of yoga. Ultimately, we’ll help you create the foundation and inspiration you need for a lasting, truly beneficial practice, as well as the courage to step into any yoga studio, class, or workshop with confidence. Register and purchase these courses today !
Yoga for Beginners 1 + 2 with Yoga Journal
Yoga Journals Yoga for Beginners package deal is your go-to comprehensive guide for starting a yoga practice. With this valuable two-part program, you’ll learn basic history, philosophy, science, breathwork, meditation, and, of course, poses. Run through this curriculum as quickly or slowly as you’d like, preparing yourself for a safe, rewarding yoga journey:
  • Insights from senior teachers on where yoga comes from and what it means
  • Yoga philosophy and the eight limbs of yoga
  • The physical and emotional benefits of practicing yoga
  • How to use props
  • 12 fundamental poseswith video instruction
  • A 20-minute video sequence that stitches those fundamental poses together
  • Where to go for more information as your practice grows and evolves
  • Detailed lessons on the importance of breath and different yogic breathing practices
  • The benefits of meditation, how it relates to yoga, and steps for getting started
  • Descriptions of different yoga styles, including a fun flowchart to help you find a place to start your exploration
  • Four 15-minute video practices from the vinyasa, Iyengar, Kundalini, and Yin traditions
  • Four 15- to 30-minute audio practices from the Forrest, PranaVinyasa Flow, restorative, and therapeutic schools of yoga
Ready to begin? Sign up today! Once you tap into the benefits of yoga, you won’t want to stop.

2 Courses Included in this Collection
  • Yoga for Beginners 1 On Demand

    Yoga for Beginners 1 with Yoga Journal

    New to yoga? Start here! Yoga Journal’s Yoga for Beginners 1 course will help demystify yoga, and make it fun, accessible, and safe. This six-part course will introduce you to the basics of yoga philosophy, explore the myriad benefits of a regular yoga practice, teach you how to use props, and provide clear video and text instruction for 12 fundamental poses that you’ll use almost every time you roll out your mat. You’ll also get a 20-minute sequence and additional resources to help you continue your education and embody what you learn. This course is perfect for new students or for those who have tried yoga at home and are looking for ways to feel comfortable and confident stepping into a studio.
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  • Yoga for Beginners 2 On Demand

    Yoga for Beginners 2 with Yoga Journal

    If you feel confident in fundamental postures and are ready to explore different types of yoga and take your practice a little deeper, this course is for you. Yoga Journal’s Yoga for Beginners 2 course will help you find a personal practice and routine that resonate with you, so that you’ll want to stick with yoga well into the future. Adding to the foundation you built in Yoga for Beginners 2, this six-part course will delve into the basics of breathwork, or pranayama, and meditation, as well as introduce you to different styles of yoga. Plus, you’ll get four video classes and five audio classes. Sign up today and find the yoga practice that’s ideal for you!
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