Cook Once, Eat All Week

Life is busier than ever and finding the time to prepare nutritious, from-scratch meals can be a challenge with everything else on your plate. Introducing the life-changing concept of cook once, eat all week, the clean cooking solution for busy cooks. Spend a few carefully planned hours on Sundays and enjoy the freedom of simply heating and eating all week long. This course goes beyond your typical batch-cooking tutorial with strategies for ingredient crossover (saving you prep time and money), no-recipe cooking and detailed week-by-week guides for making weeknight meals with repurpose suggestions for how to turn them into creative new breakfasts, lunches and dinners in the following days.
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Cook Once, Eat All Week online course
Cook Once, Eat All Week is the ultimate online guide to learning to strategize meal planning like the pros. With week-by-week guides for maximizing Sundays to cook ahead for the entire week, this course aims to change the way you meal prep, cook and live, helping you cut down on food waste and time spent cooking and cleaning, saving you money and helping you to eat healthier, all while enjoying more down time throughout the week.

Let veteran culinary expert Gina Nistico teach you the industry skills and secrets she’s gathered over decades working fast and efficiently in kitchens all over America. In this in-depth 6-week course, this former America’s Test Kitchen chef will ensure you walk away inspired and equipped to streamline healthy cooking in your home. You’ll learn to organize your kitchen for complete efficiency and maximize one day a week to prep a week’s worth of dinners that transform into breakfasts and lunches throughout the week, as well as formula cooking without a recipe, how to eat all week on just $100 (and so much more!). Gina leaves no stone unturned on her mission to turn you into a cook-once-for-the-week convert.
Cook Once, Eat All Week online course

In this exciting 6-week course, you’ll learn:

  • How to make 5 weeknight dinners ahead on Sunday and how to turn those 5 dinners into 10 creative meals to enjoy throughout the week.
  • How to set up your kitchen for maximum efficiency.
  • How to stock a well-equipped pantry for faster, easier cooking.
  • How to strategize ingredient cross-utilization to save time and money.
  • How to plan meal types throughout the week for peak freshness and ease.
  • How to make batch cooking fun!
  • How to store and freeze key items for zero waste.
  • How to make simple swaps on the fly, making you a more creative cook.
  • How to master 5-ingredient meals.
  • How to eat all week for $100.
  • Tried-and-true time- and money-saving tactics.
  • How to cook without a recipe.
Plus a slew of insider culinary tricks & shortcuts to make you a better cook!



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