Yoga for Moms with Janet Stone

If you’re a mom, you know that time and energy are precious resources. That’s why we worked with internationally recognized yoga teacher and mother of two, Janet Stone, to develop a course to help women at any stage of motherhood feel strong and grounded—whether you have 5 minutes or 60 minutes a day to spare. This five-part series will help you handle stress, master patience, create stability, strengthen and heal your abdominal muscles and pelvic floor, and re-energize your body. An emphasis on asana, breath, meditation, core work throughout will help you stay centered no matter what life throws your way. Take the time for yourself now and start to see the benefits immediately!
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Even if you have just 5 minutes a day, taking time for self-care, especially if you’re a mom, can make all the difference for your physical and mental well-being. This course, led by San-Francisco-based vinyasa flow teacher Janet Stone is designed to help you leverage the grounding and strength-building benefits of yoga, so that you can return to your family more centered, happier, and ready for whatever may come.
It is a practice for all mothers who want to feel stronger, and it is equally appropriate for the highest highs of parenting and for those moments when children push you to your very edge.
Each week, Janet leads you through asana, meditation, mantra, and pranayama (breathing) that focus on a critical theme of strong motherhood: staying grounded, finding all-day energy, going with the flow, building strength, and enjoying rest and restorative poses. You’ll finish the course with a suite of tools that can help you balance the highs and lows of motherhood while simultaneously taking care of yourself, including:
  • 4 5-minute meditation practices that bring on calm and restore energy;
  • 4 5-minute mantra practices for courage and patience;
  • 4 3- to 5-minute pranayama techniques that foster focus and clarity;
  • A 15-minute grounding asana practice;
  • A 20-minute asana practice for sustained energy;
  • A 20-minute vinayasa practice to help you go with the flow;
  • A 20-minute asana practice for building physical and mental strength;
  • A 20-minute restorative asana practice for embracing rest, and
  • A 60-minute practice that weaves all of these themes together.
You can mix and match and pick the practice you need most in the moment. Janet, who has two daughters of her own, shares personal stories about the practices that have helped her stay strong and inspired. As she says: “Motherhood offers infinite lessons in the realms of surrender, empowerment, grace, mistakes, and patience—and then some more patience—as well as the endless unfurling of transitions and change. Practicing yoga amidst this adventure can support us in myriad ways to
find our center.”
Don’t miss this unique opportunity to work with one of the world’s most dynamic and nurturing teachers on a shared journey to find your best, most authentic self, as a woman and a mom.



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