Slow Flow with Cyndi Lee

If you are ready to move deeper into vinyasa and find a practice you can carry with you for decades to come, you are ready for Slow Flow. Over the course of six weeks, renowned yoga and Tibetan Buddhism teacher Cyndi Lee will unfold the practice of sustainable vinyasa yoga—a slow- to medium-paced flow designed to balance your physical and mental strength and find long-lasting stability, clarity, and mobility. Based on the long view of sustainability, these vinyasa practices will energize and enhance you today, as well as expand your capacity to move, breath, and live well into the future. Sustainable vinyasa, grounded in the practice of mindfulness, can help you care for yourself in a way that naturally helps you care for others and our whole world. If that sounds serious, don’t worry! Cyndi, founder of the OM Yoga Center in New York City, makes it fun with creative sequencing, inspiring quotes, reading, journaling homework, and some other surprises, too. This course counts as 20 non-contact continuing education credits with Yoga Alliance.
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This six-week course includes: 
  • Ways to help you think of vinyasa differently--and more physically sustainable
  • Meditation and mindfulness strategies to apply to your vinyasa practice and life for more strength, clarity, and stability
  • Fun tips from Cyndi on how to stay interested, go deeper, and develop a practice you can have for the rest of your life
Each week you'll get:
  • A dharma talk on a theme relevant to developing a sustainable practice. (Approximately a 5-minute video.)
  • A meditation that helps you focus and builds over the course of six weeks. (Approximately a 15-minute video)
  • An asana practice that helps you apply and embody the theme. (Approximately a 1-hour video.
  • Homework that supports and reinforces what you've learned, and that prepares you for the next week's practice. (Text and photos)
This course should take approximately 2-3 hours a week (depending on how diligent you are with the homework) and is worth 20 non-contact continuing education units (CEUs) with Yoga Alliance.



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