Feed a Healthy Brain: Improve Focus, Memory & Prevent Cognitive Decline with Trudy Stone

What if how you think, react and focus on a daily basis could be improved significantly in a short amount of time? And what if your genetics and family history weren’t the be all and end all when it comes to how your brain behaves and changes as you age? What if you could manipulate and course correct the trajectory of your brain’s functioning and health with some key nutrition and lifestyle changes that can literally rewire how your brain thinks, reacts, remembers and protects itself against cognitive decline and disease into your golden years? All of this is possible with the right diet, nutrients and lifestyle habits—and brain health expert and certified culinary nutritionist Trudy Stone is here to show you how. In this in-depth 6-week online culinary nutrition course you will learn everything you need to know about nourishing a sharp, resilient brain, as well as how to cook and eat for better focus, memory, mood and more. Plus, you'll get weekly video interviews with functional nutrition experts like Dr. Josh Axe, Dale Bredesen and Marvin Singh.
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Take Control of Brain Health

Feed a Healthy Brain online course
With dementia, Alzheimer’s and mental illness on the rise, brain health has never been more top of mind. What many don’t realize is that there’s much we can influence when it comes to neurological health and a lot of it starts right in your kitchen.
Don’t let your genetics or current lifestyle write your future cognitive health story. Take control of what you can starting right now and feed a brain that is resilient to cognitive decline and disease, has better recall later in life and is more laser-focused right now.
From shopping, cooking, supplementation and key lifestyle changes, there’s so much you can do to take control of brain health. In our new course, Feed a Healthy Brain and Improve Focus, Memory & Prevent Cognitive Decline, brain health expert and certified culinary nutritionist Trudy Stone will cover every facet of brain health to help you support your healthiest brain and thrive mentally now and well into your later years.

In this 6-week course, you’ll learn:

  • The best diet to support a thriving brain into your later years
  • Cooking techniques to support a healthier, more resilient brain 
  • Health conditions that impact brain health and what you can do now to correct them
  • The impact that carbohydrates and sugar have on your brain and healthier alternatives 
  • How intermittent fasting and ketones are a boon for brain health 
  • The gut-brain connection and how a sharp mind and memory starts in the gut
  • Whether or not a low- or no-grain diet is for you
  • Gluten’s effect on brain function 
  • Foods that are harmful to cognitive health and key vitamins and minerals to prevent decline and Alzheimer's
  • What neurotoxins are, where they are and how to avoid them
  • Old and new antioxidant superstars that have potent brain benefits 
  • The important role fat plays on neural health and longevity 
  • Best health practices to prevent memory loss and stay sharp as you age 
  • Herbs, adaptogens and lifestyle habits for prevention, focus and recall 
  • The science of nootropics and how it relates to the brain 
  • Extensive cooking tutorials for ultimate brain health 
  • Recipes to fuel your new better brain program
PLUS, you'll get weekly video interviews with functional nutrition experts like Dr. Josh Axe, Dale Bredesen and Marvin Singh.



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