28-Day Real-Food Reboot

Did you know that when working toward a goal, people who worked as part of a group and shared updates with community and friends have a 70% success rate compared with 35% for those who try and go it alone? That’s a staggering stat! Join our community to increase your chances of success!
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Join us for an inspiring 28-Day Real Food Reboot led by two registered dietitian nutritionists and long-time Clean Eating contributors Erin Macdonald, RDN, and Tiffani Bachus, RDN, BCS. In this invigorating 4-week, clean-eating boot camp, we’ll meal plan and cook together, learn everything there is to know about building a diet that works best for your personal needs, we’ll take on weekly lifestyle challenges, share experiences, updates and successes and most importantly, we’ll keep each other accountable and committed until the end. This reset challenge was designed to completely transform your relationship with food and affect lifelong change through forming healthier habits that will better serve you and those around you.

What to expect from this guided program:
  • Weekly meal plans and a mix ’n’ match recipe manual to plan your menus around for the entire 4-week duration
  • Twice weekly online sessions with both coaches including weekly skill-building cooking classes
  • An optional exercise plan for those looking to incorporate movement
  • Access to a private Facebook page for direct coach access and community support with fellow participants to keep you motivated and accountable so you’re successful until the end (hello 70% success rate!) 
  • Easy ways to batch cook and food prep ahead for the week
  • The secret to goal-setting and attaining 
  • How to identify and remove what’s not serving you 
  • Understanding inflammatory foods and why they wreak havoc in the body and mind
  • How to harness the healing power of a plant-forward Paleo diet 
  • The benefits of intermittent fasting and whether it is right for you
  • Genius grain swaps so you’re never deprived 
  • How to nourish your body with accessible, everyday superfoods 
  • The power of adaptogens for longevity, stress and immunity
  • How to dial up plant-intake to feel your absolute best
  • Reintroducing dairy and ancient, gluten-free grains after a period of time
  • Eating clean beyond the challenge and how to carry what you’ve learned over into daily life forever



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