Sequencing 101 with Natasha Rizopoulos

Smart asana sequencing has become a lost art in most yoga classes and teacher trainings. But it’s not too late to learn! Natasha Rizopoulos, founder of Align Your Flow yoga and a senior teacher and teacher trainer at the Down Under School of Yoga in Boston, has developed a fool-proof method for creating the strength and stability you need to move progressively deeper into peak poses, and then to truly rest and renew in Savasana. Smart sequencing changes the way you understand postures; it changes the energy of a class; and it allows you to finish your practice feeling balanced—energetically, intellectually, and physically. This course is NOT about memorizing sequences, as so many teacher trainings encourage. Instead, it is about understanding the fundamental energetic and anatomical requirements of poses and building toward them in a sustainable way. NOTE: This course qualifies for 20 "non-contact" continuing education hours with Yoga Alliance.
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This six-week course includes: 
• Basic sequencing theory and guidelines
• Effective sequencing strategies for prepping peak poses in different categories of postures
• Helpful instruction on ways teachers can sequence their cues (for individual poses), assess their sequencing, and optimize their teaching 
Each week you'll get: 
• A primary asana sequencing principle related to theory, anatomy, mechanics, or intention. (Approximately a 5-minute video.)
• An asana practice that help you apply and embody the sequencing principle. Each week builds to a peak pose in a specific category of poses: Sun Salutations, standing poses, heating inversions, backbends, core work, and cooling postures. (Approximately a 1-hour video.)
• A dissection and deeper dive into the peak pose and the actions, or essential elements, you need to sequence and repeat in order to build the strength, flexibility, and stability it requires. (Text and photos.)
• Homework that supports and reinforces what you've learned, and that prepares you for the next week's practice. (Text and photos)
This course should take approximately 2-3 hours a week (depending on how diligent you are with the homework) and is worth 20 continuing education units (CEUs) with Yoga Alliance.



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