Master Class: Meditation with Alan Finger

Modern living—and the screens, to do lists, and roaring pace that come along with it—has scattered our minds. That’s why meditation is important now more than ever. When you meditate, you create space for your consciousness to return to its natural state. If you are ready to find clarity and peace through a regular meditation practice but don’t know where to begin, join Alan Finger for an intensive workshop on the fundamentals of ISHTA meditation. PRICE: $365 Bundle/$99 Individual Class
Master Class: Meditation with Alan Finger
Whether you’re a teacher, passionate practitioner, or lifelong yoga devotee, here’s your chance to study with some of the world’s wisest teachers.  With Yoga Journal’s Master Class you can sign up to unlock expertise and wisdom from all nine teachers, or a single class, in the form of weekly yoga practices, discussions, guided self-study assignments, support and inspiration.  



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