Focused Vinyasa with Irene Pappas

Take your vinyasa practice to the next level. Join yoga teacher Irene Pappas for a series of video sequences, warm-ups, and drills to improve strength, flexibility, and balance.
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This series of 11 classes are designed to help you mix up your routine and find balance in your body. You'll learn strength moves to challenge yourself,  get tips and tricks for moving into inversions, and find fresh ways to flow. 

Practices in this program

Wrist Routine
8 minutes
An important warm up for your wrists, especially if you're working toward inversions or if you're prone to wrist sensitivity or pain 
4 minutes
Tips for Ujjayi Pranayama (Victorious Breath) 
Vinyasa Breakdown
11 minutes
A breakdown of key poses and transitions to help you practice with integrity and good form 
Shoulder Mobility
11 minutes
How to use props to open your shoulders 
Upper-Body Strength 
23 minutes
A challenging flow with planks, push-ups, and pulses for upper-body strength
Upper-Body Flexibility
23 minutes
A slow flow focused on stretching the muscles of your upper body and neck
Lower-Body Strength 
22 minutes
Practice a series of squats and leg lifts within a vinyasa flow to build lower-body strength
Lower-Body Flexibility 
25 minutes 
Use reclining poses and work at the wall to improve lower-body flexibility
Core-Strength Flow
12 minutes
Creative holds and lifts for core strength
Backbend Flow
42 minutes
A sequence that opens the front of your body and strengthens the back of your body to prep for powerful backbends
Inversion Flow
45 minutes
Combines elements of the other classes plus additional conditioning drills to build strength for inversions 



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