Workshop: Reclaim the Heart of Your Yoga Teaching with Barrie Risman

Yoga teachers, now, more than ever, the world needs what you have to offer. But it can be all too easy to get caught up in the urgency of a shifting industry. How can you move beyond fear and anxiety, and begin sharing from a place of confidence and clarity? Join yoga educator Barrie Risman—author of Evolving Your Yoga: Ten Principles for Enlightened Practice and creator of The Power of YOU—for a four-session on-demand workshop to renew your resolve, reconnect with your roots, and realign with your vision and purpose as a teacher. Barrie will facilitate expert discussions, peer support, and deep self-inquiry to help you get clear on the meaning yoga holds for you and those you serve. As a result, you’ll design a road map on how to bring your unique voice forward, and in these uncertain times step forward as an uplifting teacher in your community. AVAILABLE ON DEMAND.
Workshop: Reclaim the Heart of Your Yoga Teaching with Barrie Risman
You’ll re-enliven your relationship to yoga and get grounded in your purpose and vision as a teacher. By the end of this workshop, you’ll possess a personal toolbox packed with inspiration and motivation to respond to the needs of the moment and move forward with clarity, courage and confidence.

  • Explore and articulate how your yoga practice is benefiting you and share that in an authentic, meaningful way.
  • Contemplate a key teaching or understanding from yoga (or another sacred tradition) that feels alive and important to you right now. (You can choose your own or Barrie will provide one for you.)
  • Define (or redefine) your core purpose—your “why,” your values, your vision—as a teacher.
  • Identify strategies to overcome obstacles and disempowering mindsets in order to stay connected to your purpose as you move forward.
  • Re-enliven your relationship to yoga to find inspiration, motivation, and clarity to respond to the needs of the moment and move forward with courage and confidence.
  • Offer and receive peer support and brainstorm creative solutions for questions and challenges fellow teachers may have right now (through breakout groups)

In each session, you’ll:
  • Begin with a centering meditation
  • Enjoy a lecture based on the session’s topic
  • Be guided in a process of self-inquiry
  • Share with peers in small breakout groups in order to discuss challenges and brainstorm solutions
  • Share findings with the larger group (optional)
  • Receive a contemplation assignment for the next week

Continuing education credits:
This workshop offers 10 hours of Yoga Alliance non-contact hours. (Assignment submission required for approval.)



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