Iyengar Yoga 101 with Carrie Owerko

Align and refine with Senior Intermediate Iyengar teacher Carrie Owerko. She'll introduce Iyengar Yoga in a surprising new light. You'll experience the playful side of B.K.S. Iyengar's teachings while learning to integrate his alignment-focused therapeutic methods into your practice. If you want to add more integrity to your flow or enhance your teaching skills, this course is for you.
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Welcome to Iyengar 101! My name is Carrie, and I am here to take you on an adventure into both the precision and playfulness of Iyengar Yoga. My intention is to demystify this practice and shed a bright light on a few of the principles (and props!) that BKS Iyengar brought to yoga. A fiery, mercurial man with a quick, sharp, and curious mind, Iyengar transformed himself through his yoga practice. He also had an adventurous spirit. He was always a learner, a beginner, and a master all at once. And he spent a lot of time and energy trying to perfect his unique, therapeutic system of yoga. So, while Iyengar Yoga has the reputation of being rigid and sometimes unforgiving, it is, at heart, playful, experimental, and adaptive. It those aspects of the practice that I want to share most with you; I know that once you incorporate Iyengar‘s spirit and principles into your regular yoga practice or teaching you will feel more spacious, balanced, and free than you have felt in years.
This practice can provide tremendously helpful tools as you travel on your lifelong journey of transformation. Those tools include:
  • Learning how to think outside the box, shift your perspective, and bring a sense of play and possibility to your yoga, and life
  • How to find aha moments in every practice
  • Practical modifications and adaptations for dozens of yoga poses so that you can expand your practice; help your students (if you teach) with clear, tailored instruction; and start to heal emotional and physical pain and discomfort
  • Experimenting with your unique sense of balance and center of gravity so you can refine adaptations and make poses even more accessible and beneficial
  • How to navigate the balance between effort and ease
  • How to find and practice integrity on and off the mat
  • Pose modifications that will help you feel truly integrated, infusing your practice, and life, with meaning
You’ll learn the fun, surprising side of Iyengar Yoga—both the asana and philosophical aspects—and see your world expand before your eyes
What’s included in the course:
  • 6 weeks of inspirational yoga that will shift your perspective on the practice
  • 5 60-minute asana practices
  • 5 asana workshops where you’ll get to play with modifications and alignment
  • Tips and tricks for easy ways to incorporate props into your practice
  • Nuggets of yoga philosophy from the Iyengar tradition that you can carry with you off the mat
  • 2 Q&A recordings with Carrie
  • Exclusive access to a private Facebook group
  • A comprehensive e-book of the poses and modifications you learn in the workshops



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