Inclusivity Training for Yoga with Chelsea Jackson Roberts

You’ll finish this six-week online workshop, hosted by education expert and yoga teacher Chelsea Jackson Roberts, PhD, with the skills and tools you need as a teacher to make compassionate and inclusive language choices (instead of singling out men for having tight hips, for example), offer alternative versions of poses (instead of presenting one version as better than others), give appropriate assists (instead of unknowingly triggering someone with a hands-on “adjustment”), reach out to neighboring communities, and expand and diversify your student body. This is a must-have credential for yoga teachers—but it’s also valuable for any student seeking more diversity and acceptance in yoga. Plus, earn 20 continuing education hours with Yoga Alliance!
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Even yoga teachers with the best intentions sometimes inadvertently say things that might harm their students, either physically or mentally. It happens to us all, and more often than not, it is simply because we haven’t been trained how to teach to different and diverse populations. This course is geared toward yoga teachers who want to create an inclusive and compassionate practice environment, where students of all shapes, sizes, races, genders, and abilities feel welcome and supported.
Join Chelsea Jackson Roberts, PhD, a yoga teacher and educator based in Atlanta who has extensive experience bringing yoga to new populations, as she offers practices, teaches cueing and languaging workshops, facilitates role playing, helps you reflect on your intentions, provides critical self-care techniques, and interviews experts in the field, including Seane Corn, Teo Drake, Dianne Bondy, and Tyrone Beverly. (BONUS: An exclusive workshop with Anna Guest-Jelley, author of Curvy Yoga.) Learn effective ways to care for diverse students, as well as yourself!
This unique tool kit includes:
  • Languaging and cueing to make every class you teach speak to all students
  • Role-playing exercises that reveal whether you unknowingly alienate students
  • Reviews of common mistakes most teachers make
  • Yogic practices that make everyone and every body feel included, no matter their background and ability
  • Opportunities for deep reflection on your hidden biases, intentions as a teacher, and actions in front of a class
  • Stories and lessons from experts in the field
  • Tips for reaching out to new audiences
  • A suite of self-care tools to enhance your life on and off the mat
This thoughtful, comprehensive, and unique sensitivity training will help you stand out as a teacher who actively makes all students feel welcome, adept, and at home at the yoga studio.
Each week you will get:
  • An introduction to an important theme related to inclusivity
  • Guiding questions that invite you to reflect on your own yoga practice, teaching experiences, and daily experiences in the world
  • An accessible yoga practice—asana sequence, meditation, or yoga nidra—to help you better understand and embody that week's theme
  • An interview with an expert on the week’s theme (weeks 1-4)
  • Homework, journaling, and projects that will reinforce what you have learned
Watch live Q&A recordings, and take the opportunity to be in community with her and your classmates in a dedicated Facebook group



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